It's Always Tea Time 

With Soul Fighter's
Moon Blend Tea 

A good day starts with a positive attitude and a great cup of tea! 


Welcome to the Soul Fighter Family!

Our goal is to nourish your soul and spread positivity while doing it. 

Have you been searching for a great tasting detox and weight loss tea, and want to make money and spread positivity while doing it?

Well search no more, our moon blend tea is made with all organic herbs. The green tea base is enhanced by tulsi (basil), spearmint, rose hips, lemon myrtle, linden blossoms and ginger root to give you the smooth great taste you have been looking for.


Our tea promotes fat burning and loss of body weight, excellent source of energy and antioxidents, boosts metabolism, balances hormones, reduces stress, improves digestion, reduces bloating and is an anti-inflammatory for muscle and joint problems, detoxes the body, and eases chronic pain and optimizes the digestive system.


Let us help you get on track to creating a Soul Fighter lifestyle . 

Become a Certified
Soul Fighter Coach

Once you have experienced the joy of empowering others through spreading positivity, building your Soul Fighter business will be easy.  Are you ready to build something that's uniquely yours and motivate people to live their best life, and make money while doing it?

Become a Soul Fighter Coach TODAY!

Why Become a Soul Fighter Coach?

 Explore the Perks

     Once you have experienced the joy of empowering others through positivity, starting your Soul Fighter Empowering business will be easy and nourishing to you as well. Embarking on this business journey will open you to greater financial freedom and help you achieve your own personal goals for success. 

     Through this Soul Fighter business, coaches have the freedom to cater to their own business plan to fit their own lifestyle needs. Whether this business is worked as a full-time or part-time adventure we want you all to have a positive, enlightened, empowering experience with products we believe in.   


Starting your Soul Fighter business can also be motivating and an inspiring experience in itself. When you achieve your goals,  you have the opportunity to see others experience their own successes, whether that be through financial freedom or sharing empowering products that change peoples lives.  



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* Freedom to work from home and be your

   own boss.

* Residual Income to do all the things you've always dreamed of. 

* Prizes and Fabulous Incentives in

   recognition of reaching your goals


*  Access to our physical and web-based

   materials to inform you, your team,

   and your customers. 

*  30% commission on selected retail sales 

*  No inventory requirements for monthly

    enrollments, Soul Fighter will ship 

    directly to your customers.


Botanical Garden

Begin your journey on this affordable
Soul Fighter Pathway


You will be educated on the Soul Fighter Moon Blend Tea and be able to sell the tea at your distributor discount.


You can build a team and will
be eligible for bonuses
and more exciting discounts
as your team grows. 


The path will be started for you with your own
web page and you will be on your way to spreading positivity and inspiring others. 

*If you want to host Positive Power Hour
and become a
Soul Fighter Certified Coach

then aim high for the summit! 

Soul Fighter


River Valley

If you are interested in
continuing your journey
and becoming
a Soul Fighter Coach,
welcome to the Valley. 

Here you will begin the teachings of
becoming a Certified Soul Fighter Coach. 

The On-line Life Coaching Course will help
you to understand how to  connect with 
others in a positive way. 

* On-line Life Coaching Class is 
additional $65.00 which is to be paid
to the on-line course company.

Upon completion of your training you
will receive your Soul Fighter
Certified Coach Certificate.


Soul Fighter 


woman traveler drinks coffee with a view

Soar your way to the summit with this all inclusive package.

Staying on the fast track to the summit
will make your business soar.


This package includes everything you need to organize your first Positive Power Hour ParTea and become a Soul Fighter Coach.

*Soul Fighter training and educational materials to become a certified Soul Fighter coach 

*4 bags of Soul Fighter Moon Blend Tea

*1 - 10 card Affirmation Kit


To be a Certified Soul Fighter Coach you must complete the in person training with us and the on- line life coaching class. ​

*On-line Life Coaching class is an additional $65.00 paid on line to the course company. 

Upon completion of training with us
and on-line you will receive your
Soul Fighter Coach Certificate.

Soul Fighter 


“I never tried tea before but decided to give this tea a try
and I really like it. I drink it in the morning and I like how it makes me feel. ”

Jenn Baxter